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Chevy Volt Featured on The Ron Jolly Show

About 10 people came to test drive the Chevy Volt and learn about the U-Go Charging Station at Cambria Suites May 31.

Here is our radio interview  on WTCM 580 – The Ron Jolly Show yesterday morning about the Chevy Volt Ride & Drive event held May 31.One thing we didn’t make clear in the interview…is that the Volt does not have a gas engine. It goes from battery to generator. The 9 gallon gas tank powers the generator which makes electricity to propel the electric vehicle. Just to clarify!

Click on the link to hear the interview! http://wtcmradio.com/audioups/sylviadana0531.mp3

Click on the link to see the Chevy Volt test drive on our YouTube channel! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBB031AF4B4870A60



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